Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The South is going to Rise Again....As Democrat's

After spending the last to weekends south of the "Mason-Dixon" line two things have become abundantly clear;
One is that the south is suffering as much as the north economical and two they are tired of being lied to like a bunch of backwards children. The price of gas has left farmers unable to plow their fields or even make what is sometimes a 50 mile round trip to buy groceries. Their world does not include 400 million dollar retirement bonuses or million dollar a year jobs. They work hard ( when they can find a job ) and do the best to take care of their own. As one Tennessee resident put it, "I'm just looking for one of those jobs American's don't want, I'll take it"! Another was told he could keep his job if he would take a pay cut of 33% " So I can compete with the guys hirein' Mexicans" he was told. In Kentucky things were not much better. " Not a lot of Latinos around here" one said. "Hell, there's nothin' for them to do either".
Bush and his cohorts keep making the rounds of TV talking heads telling the country how great the economy is but down here the folk know a dead skunk in the middle of the road when they smell one.

On international issues or national concerns Southerners are coming to the conclusion that they are being deceived by the "Great Decider", George W. Bush. His war of opportunity against Iraq is now seen for what it is, a lie.
With many of the south's finest young men dying for something the Bush administration has run out of lies to defend. The GOP's hijacking of religion is now being seen as no more than a political stunt to persuade good Christians to stand by idyll, while these thugs loot the US treasury and line their friends and their own pockets. Leaving the rest of the country to pay for their deceit. Bush has broken over 750 laws. His administration and the Republican lead congress is involved in even more corrupt behavior than this country has ever seen.
The voters in the south have a big surprise for the "Greedy Old Party" this fall.
"The south has a way of dealing with a carpetbagger from up north, and the southern ones too".


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