Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Student Movement is Growing

After spending the last seven years wondering what had happened to the college student movement in the United States a ray of light is starting to shine on the faces of America's brightest. I first noticed the change at the Anti-war demonstration in Washington last September. There were lots of us who had been there before but the crowed had a large group representing the 18 to 24 demographic. It seems that even with the corporate media ignoring 300,000 of us in the streets of the nations capital, the word was spreading.

In the last few weeks we have seen students voicing one of democracy's most important tools, dissent. With the GOP sending it's deceivers to The New School and Boston College the children of the future are voicing their educated opinion on the Bush Administrations illegal war in Iraq. Good for the future, good for today, good for them.

Sorry McCain and Rice, you are the past. The Children are the future.


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