Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kennedy on Ohio's Stolen Elections

It's about time. Those of us who live in Ohio know what Ken Blackwell and the "Republican Mafia" did in the last presidentcial election. Now, thanks to Robert F. Kennedy, the spotlight has been trained on this subject for the rest of the country to see. The article in "Rolling Stone" is well worth the time to read. As both the Sec. of State (in Ohio) and the head of the Bush re-election campaign, Blackwell was in the position to controll the type of election machines that were bought by the state as well as the number of machines given to each county. Republican counties receiving more than they needed while long lines at Democractic leaning polling stations were caused by having to few. Now this might seem trivial but when you consider people having to wait for hours in the rain to cast their votes it takes on a different prospective. The Diebolt voting machines that Blackwell forced on the State while owning shares of the company were also problematic. The head of the Ohio voting machine company had just told a crowd of Bush supporters that he would "deliver" Ohio to Bush. Both of these Bush "capo's" kept good on their promise. Ohio was deprived of a fair election. The country was left with a fraud in the White House. The world is paying the price.


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