Friday, June 23, 2006

What will they call it?

With the success of a California lobbyist in defeating a progressive candidate in the race for Duke "Show me the money" Cunningham's open seat in congress,the Republicans have found their new wedge issue. After 10 years of using gays and a womans right to medical care, the new plan is to attack "Beaners". They see that they can divide the nation with racism and keep power in Washington. This is not a new plan for them. It is the same scheme that has worked since 1972 when the "Nixon Republicans" realilized that the southern states would move away from the Democratic Party because of civil rights. And they were right. The "South" has voted republican ever since. Gone were the "Dixie-crates" from the Democratic party.

Flash forward to 2006.

When the President of the United States takes his oath of office he swears to protect and defend the borders. George W. Bush has failed to do so more than once and America has suffered.
When the government decided not to enforce our immigration laws in the southwest, under pressure from mega corporate food producers, the flood gates were left open. Millions of Mexican farmers who were displaced by "NAFTA", meaning they lost their farms and headed north. With the Mexican governments blessing I might add. Also left in the dust of idle Mexican farms is the Bush plan to bring the Hispanic vote to the republican side of the table.

The problem with our borders is not a "Democratic" or "Republican" one, it is a National problem. And it's time for all in Washington to stop pandering for votes and do their jobs. Defend and protect our borders.


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